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Number of problems: 1

Number of solved problems: 1

Number of unsolved problems: 0

Problem resolution: 100%

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Canon FAX-B180 : Likelihood of getting a solution

Ranking: 13th out of 413
Most likely to get a solution:
Canon PIXMA 210 - problem resolution score of 100%
Least likely to get a solution:
Brother DCP330C - 0 out of 19 problems solved
Common problems with the Canon FAX-B180
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Prints are coming out too dark

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Solutions for the Canon FAX-B180
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Problem: Prints are coming out too dark

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Solution 1: This is a common issue that is largely down to personal taste. The only real way to improve (i.e. lighten) your prints is to first lighten them using a piece of photo editing software. A good choice would be Adobe Photoshop elements, but there are free alternatives. Do a google search for "Free Photo Editing Software" (there should be a google search box on this page near the top).
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